Christ the Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish of Swift Current

1850 Springs Gate (West of the Hospital)

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Mission: To be inviting and welcoming to all.

Prayer: We ask that Jesus be with us as we continue to build a welcoming atmosphere for Christ The Redeemer Parish, which will focus on being friendly, caring, warm and hospitable. Grant that our tables at home may draw our neighbors into a loving community and that the Eucharistic table in our parish may prefigure that banquet in heaven where all are one with you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever, Amen.

Committee Members: Rev. Msgr. Reymundo Asis
Julie Wellsch (Chairperson)
Lily Polsfut 

Jackie Hagen
Ben Laviolette
Marilyn Haack
Karen Kuntz
Martha Davidson
Deco Lynne Barteski
Tracy Haack
Collette & David Andree
Annette & Greg Klevgaard

Duties of the Committee:

  • We hold regular meetings, where new parishoner cards are distributed to committee members to schedule a family visit.
  • We organize a kit to give to new parishoners, including such things as a parish directory, a recent copy of the bulletin, information on different Church ministries for which they might like to volunteer, a map of Swift Current, a calendar of community events, and other related materials.
  • We do a follow-up on new parishoners to see if they have any concerns.


  • All new families were presented with an information package from our parish.
  • We were responsible for the most recent copy of our parish pictoral directory.
  • We keep a volunteer list of parishoners willing to help drive other parishoners to weekend masses.
  • We participate in ministries as greeters and coffee hosts.
  • We host a regular pot-luck supper for new parish families.
  • New parishoner registration forms are available in the Welcoming Area at the Church, as well as on the New Parishioner page.