Christ the Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish of Swift Current

1850 Springs Gate (West of the Hospital)

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Our Parish has several dedicated volunteers the provide their time and energy to assist guiding our efforts. 

When you go to a restaurant and you sit down and place your order, do you really know what goes on behind the scenes to bring you that delicious plate of food? Likewise at Mass; what happens behind the scenes to bring you to the table of the Lord?

  • Who ensures that everything is ready, that the premises are clean and neatand everything is in its place.
  • Who has arranged for the music ministry, cup ministers, ushers, etc. If you noted on the mail out a couple of weeks ago, there was a list of 58 different duties in the life of the parish. One of those very important ministries is “Welcoming”; a form of Customer Service. Allministry is service, and as with a hair cut or an oil change, the measure of good serviceiswhether the person receiving the service felt as if they were treated as a person worthy ofrespect and dignity and not just a number.

Do you feel like just a number in our church? If so, we want to change that. Strong vibrant ministry nurtures people. When people receive good ministry, they feel cared for and loved. There is a documented link between customers/parishioners who are satisfied with the level of service and the ir coming back for more.
If you feel welcome and part of the parish, you are more inclined to attend Mass on a regular basis.

People come to church because they have a need. Our ministry is to respond to that need

  • to be a presence of Christ to them; to be the “light of Christ”.

Christ the Redeemer offers “one stop shopping”.

You want liturgy 

  • we have mass times for you.

Just had a baby

  •  we have a sacrament for that.

Like to eat

  • we have lots of socials with great food.

In love?

  • we want to celebrate that.

Mourning a loss?

  • we want to grieve with you and offer you hope.

If I took my car to a garage for servicing I’d feel uncomfortable, out of place, out of my element. I don’t understand my vehicle well enough nor the tools needed for servicing. When people come into our parish they may feel the same way. They may be a little embarrassed, they haven’t been to church much, they don’t know anyone, they feel out of their comfort zone. When parents bring their children to celebrate first Eucharist or confirmation, often one of the parents is non Catholic. I can only imagine they feel “out of place. 

The golden rule of customer service is based on the teaching of Jesus:

  • “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Our job our ministry 
  • is to make them feel welcomed and comfortable.

Participation in “customer service” is 100% all of our jobs, whether you are new to the parish or have been here a long time. It’s a give and take kind of ministry.

Retirement does not mean disengagement with life nor does it excuse us from our responsibility to actively contribute to life around us. We can never say, “I’ve done my bit”. In Christian terms, we have a mission until the day we die. The mission: to support the lifelong faith development of our parish.

Each of us has been given talents by God and what better way to share those talents than in our own Parish. 

By participating in the faith life of the parish, you will no long be “just a number”, you will be #1.

Colleen Jensen