Christ the Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish of Swift Current

1850 Springs Gate (West of the Hospital)

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 Social Events

Testimonial by Yvonne Laviolette1995 was a year of great change for me. That was the year I married my husband Ben and the year that I completed my journey through the RCIA program.As a new member of our Catholic com munity, I wanted to continue on growing my faith as well as helping out the community which had welcomed me into its arms.

I felt one of my strengths was organization and I also enjoyed baking, so for me it was an easy choice to help out the Social Committee. That first year I did start out slowing by baking a few pies for our Fall Supper. It was soon after that Ben and I began to volunteer as occasional hosts for the Sunday morning coffee and doughnuts after the 9:00 a . m . Mass.

Over time I wanted to and w as able to offer more of my time to the committee – and now I am serving as the Social Chairperson.

What does the Social Committee do?? We help to foster fellowship within our community. This is accomplished by coordinating many of the following activities within Christ the Redeemer Parish. This list includes:

- Organizing Sunday morning coffee hosts for after the 9 :00 a . m . Mass
- The celebration after the Easter Vigil Mass for the RCIA candidates
- Graduation Mass Celebration - Parish Picnics
- Fall Supper
- Social after the All Souls Mass
- Organizing many of the Parish Pancake Breakfasts

I have found that my participation in these events has strengthened my faith, helped out the Parish I consider my home and the allowed me to gain many new friends. I con sider the donation of my time and talent as small when compared to the e xperiences I received in return and the friendships I have gained.

I urge everyone to consider what talents and gifts they have to share. By the giving of yourself you will find that the rewards are many.

Yvonne Laviolette