Christ the Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish of Swift Current

1850 Springs Gate (West of the Hospital)

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Ann Stewardson

A few years ago I encountered an acquaintance, living in another city in Saskatchewan, who told me she was retiring from her career in the health field.  Upon inquiring about her plans for retirement her answer surprised me.

"I'm moving to a small city in Alberta.  We have family in Alberta.  We don't want to live in the same city but we want to be closer."

I completely understood her reasoning but the move was the surprising part.  She was very active in her parish and I simply thought she would continue and expand her church involvement.

"How did you decide on that particular city?"  I asked.

"I wanted to move to a city that had a parish with lots of activity, many projects, several groups of assorted activities, different types of socials and many opportunities to enrich my spiritual life."

The spiritual component of a parish will always exist to a certain extent but the component of a parish that makes it a community will differ greatly.  We have to ask ourselves, 'does our parish measure up as a total community?'

Let's look inward.  Everyone is walking on a different path of their faith journey.  Do we meet the spiritual needs of all our parishioners?  We have a Bible study group.  At specific times of the church season we have special prayers or rituals.  Are there other things we can do in our parish to enhance our spriritual life; retreats for different age groups?  A spiritual book club?  A trip to a shrine?  A dinner club that will focus on a religious topic?

What about parish community activities?  We have a very active seniors group that meets monthly.  Our Miracle Quilters meet weekly and do far more than quilt!  There's coffee after Sunday Mass and twice a week after morning Mass.  Fall supper, potlucks at various times, youth groups, various choir groups, a youth band for Sunday Mass, K of C. and C.W.L. meetings are all part of our regular parish life.  This appears to be an extensive list but does it meet your needs?  Let us know.

Thank you