Christ the Redeemer: Centred on a spiritual journey leading to Jesus

Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church

Christ The Redeemer Catholic Church

Welcome to Christ the Redeemer in Swift Current

Our new website is easy to use and is compatible with new devices like smart phones and tablets.

Our "Home" page provides a quick overview of what's happening in our Parish without requiring you to "dig" for our most current information.

Our Mass Schedule for the upcoming 7 days is now available on every page of our website.

Parish events have been organized into our new Events Calendar.

You will also find information about our Faith in our new Ministries, Education, and Sacraments sections.

VISION STATEMENT:  Christ the Redeemer: Centered on a spiritual journey leading to Jesus.

MISSION:  The Catholic Community of Christ the Redeemer Parish invite and welcome ALL to embrace a spiritual journey together by becoming Disciples of Christ.   

Fall Supper Thank You

Thanks to your support, our annual Fall Supper on October 6th was again a success.  We served approximately 560 meals within our hall as well as preparing for pick-up or delivery over 60 meals.  With your donations of time, talent and treasure, we raised over $7,000.  Thanks again for all your help and support.

Yvonne Laviolette, Socail Committee Chairperson

How Much Tax Credit Do I Get for Donating to the Church?
Here’s an Example:
If you donate $20.00 per week x 52 weeks in a year,
the total receipt you will get is $1,040.00.
1. The federal charitable tax credit rate is 15% on
the first $200 and 29% on any amount after that.
Your federal tax credit is therefore (15% × $200) +
(29% × 840) = $273.60
2. The provincial charitable tax credit rate for SK is
10.5% on the first $200 and 14.5% on any amount
after that. Therefore your provincial tax credit is
(10.5% × $200) + (14.5% × $840.00) = $142.80
3. Your combined charitable tax credit is ($273.60 +
$142.80) = $416.40
With your $1,040.00 donation for the year,
you get a tax credit of $416.40