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Another Success

CTR Trivia Night held on November 29th was once again a huge success.   There were approximately 75 people that took part in the event.  The winning team, named "Missing Miles" consisted of Denise Wallin, Ted Wallin, Dot Kouri, Eunice Morck, Karen Braun, Wayne Braun, Brenda Switzer.  The profit was $2,285.43.

The Trivia committee and CTR building fund would like to thank everyone who supported the event.  Thank You and God Bless. 

NEXT TRIVIA NIGHT APRIL 24, 2020, See below:





First Annual; Earth to Table "Wine" Event

From the Earth to the Table 'wine' fundraiser was a successful event with 130 participants / 26 teams.  Each person on a team bought into the event with a $20.00 donation and a bottle of wine.  There was an elimination draw, eliminating each team until there were only 4 teams remaining.  Consolation prize was 5 bottles of wine; 4th place received 13 bottles, 3rd place received 25 bottles, 2nd place received 35 bottles and 1st place received 50 bottles.  Due to the success of this event it will also be held again next fall.  The event made a profit of $2,600.00.  A "Huge" vote of thanks goes out to all the organizers, participants and the Fundraising Committee. 

The next Earth to Table Event will take place on October 16, 2020.  Please watch for further details over the coming months.

Thank you from the Fundraising Committee.

2019 Harvest Project Report